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WHAT IS IT? Fat Loss / Body Recomposition is for athletes or gym-goers looking for manageable results which tailor to an individuals LIFESTYLE.

Lifestyle Planning

If a programme is not suited towards a clients lifestyle it will simply not work. Busy business owner and don't have time to prepare meals? We equate. Travel large distances to commute for work and spend time eating on the go? We equate. Work erratic shift patterns? You get the picture. Usage of the words 'we' is also just as important to us, the service is for YOU. No one else, we can sit over a consultation and tell you to eat in a calorie deficit, train in a way that you hate and tell you suitable times for you to train and sleep but if it doesn't work for you then it's not enjoyable and another barrier to getting the result you want.

Nutrition Programming

This can be as flexible or as stringent as you require, the key part of this process is you discuss this with your coach and WE come up with a plan, not the COACH. Meal plans are a sure-fire way to a stress management disaster, we equate for what you require and offer alternatives within flexibility so you can maintain flexibility whilst enjoying life's good things and getting the change you crave. 

Strength & Conditioning

This is the easy part, turning up to the gym to meet your coach for your personal training sessions, check-in in-person sessions every two months if you select online coaching or simple check-ins if your option is fully online. Strength & Conditioning programmes are again tailored to YOU, not cookie cutter online bullshit plans that has you jumping about like a kangaroo for an hour. We screen you, educate you on potential issues that may arise and how we manage these. we are all only as strong as our weakest link, so it's important we strengthen these areas to make you as durable and resilient as we can within the process.

Optional Extras

This is anything extra you require, we identify potential barriers you may have together and work together to make the process as streamline as possible. Support is huge on the journey and this is what we are here to do. 

What Our Clients Say


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